The Birmingham Children’s Theater is back with a new Zoom play called Elves 2.0! This year the Elves at the North Pole are ready for anything – and they want to invite your kids along on a virtual tour of the NP! They’ve learned from all the mistakes and malfunctions that happened last year are ready for anything. What could possibly go wrong?

We have a full crew in the interview booth today: friend of the show Sina Skates, writer of Elves 2.0. We’re also joined by actors Davey Morrison, who plays Stevie the Green Elf, and LaShondra Hood, she plays Morgan the Red Elf.

We have an absolute blast talking about the play and how it came together this year, and what’s different about it from last year’s play. Then we talk about our favorite Christmas music, movies, traditions, and then I blatantly steal a question from the Christmas Time in the City Podcast and we talk about what we would want Santa to say to us if we ever got to visit the North Pole. We also attempt to answer questions like – what is Santa’s favorite Christmas movie? There is a ton of fun in store!

Below are the links to the BCT website, as well as some promotional videos you can watch to get an idea of the show.

Ticket’s are on sale now!

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Elves 2.0: Cast Interview with the Birmingham Children’s Theater

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