My guest today is Kyle Poehls. He is a Marine Corps veteran whose life took a dramatic turn after surviving two comas during his military service. Born in 1985, he found his passion for writing in the final years of his service, and despite facing numerous seizures and another coma just before his planned exit, he persevered. In March of 2017, he began crafting “From Nicholas to Christmas”, a tale about the early life of Santa Claus. Today, with a reinvigorated outlook on life, he embodies the belief that every day should be lived as if it were the last.

In today’s episode Kyle walks us through his journey, and how his severe health scares inspired him to take a chance and get his book out into the world. It’s a powerful story that you won’t want to miss! We also talk about our favorite movies, music and more. It’s a conversation that ranges from children’s stories to Die Hard (Yes we think it’s a Christmas movie, NO, we are not going to rehash all the arguments) to Home Alone 2 and the best character in that movie (New York City).

My past couple of guests have both served in the military. After my conversation with Kyle, I reflect a few moments on the Pearl Harbor anniverary, the fear of war, and the necessity to treat each other with kindness and human dignity.

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Author: ArtK
Title: From Nicholas to Christmas: a heartwarming story of kindness – an interview with author Kyle Poehls
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