Join the Christmas Cousins as they embark on a royally hilarious adventure with the Hallmark movie “A Not So Royal Christmas.”


In this episode, our festive freshman, Cousin Seth, encounters his first-ever royal holiday escapade, filled with mistaken identities, charming traditions, and a sprinkle of Christmas magic. As the cousins dissect the plot twists and comedic turns, get ready for laughter, witty banter, and, of course, the delightful chaos that ensues when love meets deception in the whimsical town of Sarhagen.


Will Cousin Seth emerge unscathed from his initiation into the world of Hallmark royals, or will the not-so-royal secrets leave him royally puzzled? Tune in for a regally entertaining discussion that proves Christmas in Sarhagen is anything but ordinary!

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod

Hallmark’s ‘A Not So Royal Christmas”: Crowns, Cocoa, and Cousin Seth’s First Royal Foray!

Christmas Cousins

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