Welcome to Scotland, Christmas Cousins!

Join the Christmas Cousins as they delve into the heartwarming Hallmark Countdown to Christmas movie, “A Merry Scottish Christmas.” Starring former Party of Five stars Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf, the film follows estranged siblings, Lindsay and Brad, reunited by their mother’s Christmas invitation to Glencrave Castle in Scotland.


Unbeknownst to them, the castle holds a profound significance, unveiling unexpected responsibilities and life-altering decisions.


In this festive escapade, Cousin Chad takes the reins, guiding our festive freshman, Cousin Seth, through Week 5 of his Christmas movie marathon, featuring “A Merry Scottish Christmas” as his 13th cinematic adventure.


As Lindsay and Brad immerse themselves in their newfound heritage and the enchanting Scottish holiday traditions, the cousins unravel personal dilemmas and the potential for love against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes. Can the magic of Christmas bridge the gap between siblings and steer them towards their own joyous conclusions?


This episode is a laughter-filled discussion, offering insights into the delightful characters, charming Scottish customs, and heartwarming moments that elevate “A Merry Scottish Christmas” to Hallmark excellence. Tune in for a dose of holiday magic as the cousins unwrap the joy hidden within this enchanting Christmas tale.


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Hallmark’s ‘A Very Scottish Christmas’: Cousins Seth’s Scottish Adventure!

Christmas Cousins

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