It’s April…the days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming, the air is heating up…what better time to revisit from cherished Christmas memories?!?


Welcome back to another cozy and nostalgic episode of the Christmas Cousins Podcast where we continue our series, “My Favorite Christmas Ever” (and this one even includes a surprise White Christmas!!!)


In this episode, it’s just Cousin Chad steering the sleigh as Cousin Seth is on set filming a Christmas movie…YES, you read that right…details to follow, what a superstar!


But fear not, because Cousin Chad is joined by a returning guest and fan favorite, Chris from His fabulous website is your go-to for Christmas vibes, info, and news all year round!


In this special episode, we continue our “My Favorite Christmas Ever” series, delving deep into Chris’s cherished childhood memories of the holiday season, including snow, sleds and pumpkin pie…oh my!!!


Join us as we transport ourselves back in time, feeling the warm embrace of nostalgia and reliving those magical moments that made Christmas truly unforgettable.


Audience Question:
What’s your most cherished childhood Christmas memory that instantly brings a smile to your face?


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“My Favorite Christmas Ever” Series continues with Chris from!

Christmas Cousins

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