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Christmas Clatter is a monthly podcast discussing Christmas news, entertainment, gifts, decorating, and everything else that makes Christmas special. Join host Todd Killian and special guests for year-round Christmas cheer

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  • Maybe If They Weren’t Hamsters
    by e_xander on April 20, 2023

    Welcome to Christmas Clatter! In this episode, we have a special treat as the crew from Pepper Tree Villa joins us to review the 2023 Hallmark Keepsake […]

  • Pathetic Waste Of Resources
    by e_xander on February 23, 2023

    This episode will explore the power of artificial intelligence by asking ChatGPT about Christmas. We’ll be asking it questions about the holiday season. […]

  • He Warned Me He Had AT&T
    by e_xander on January 19, 2023

    Hello! This is your Post Christmas Wellness Check. It’s totally normal to feel a bit of post-Christmas blues after the holiday season is over. It can be […]

  • Let Christmas Be Christmas
    by e_xander on December 23, 2022

    It’s Christmas Clatter’s 100th episode!!! A special holiday message from Paul Burdine who has been friends with Todd for over 30 years and Todd reflects on […]

  • It Was A Pug In A Sweater
    by e_xander on December 22, 2022

    Merry Christmas!! This is this last live stream episode before Christmas is here. We’ll have a very special “Ask Todd Anything” and Todd will issue a […]

  • Santa Claus Is Trying To Retire
    by e_xander on December 15, 2022

    In this video, Chris Sisley of  @ChristmasTimeintheCity   stops by to take a look at some of the things he noticed about Christmas this year. From the […]

  • I’ll Enjoy A Stack Of Pancakes
    by e_xander on December 11, 2022

    For this I have prepared for ridicule, praise or  both. My favorite Christmas songs are a mix of classic and modern tunes. In this video, I share my top 10 […]

  • I’ll Take Two Beef ‘N Cheddars And A Wine Glass
    by e_xander on December 8, 2022

    In this video, Ken Smith of The North Pole News Dispatch joins me to discuss the art of collecting. From ornaments to vinyl records to percolators, we’ll […]

  • Pray For Heavenly Guidance And Get Cary Grant
    by e_xander on December 1, 2022

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And what better way to get into the holiday spirit than by watching some classic black and white Christmas movies? […]

  • Die Hard & Home Alone Are The Same Movie
    by e_xander on November 24, 2022

    It’s the age-old question: is Die Hard a Christmas movie?  @Tech Troublemaker   joins Todd to break down the argument for and against Die Hard being a […]

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