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Seasons EatingsAbout this Podcast

Glen Warren, a Baker by trade and a foodie extraordinaire, hosts this Christmas podcast that is all about foods.

He gives us not only the history behind the foods of the season but also great ideas for recipes and sources.

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  • Season’s Eatings – Kugelhopf
    by e_xander on May 25, 2023

    This dessert has its origins in three European countries and can be linked to various members of royalty.  While it can be enjoyed for practically any […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Marlborough Apple Pie
    by e_xander on April 25, 2023

    During the holiday season pies can be found on practically dessert buffet.  This dessert becomes a good way to use up older fruit before the winter season […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Spiced Beef
    by e_xander on March 25, 2023

    It’s Christmas eve and you’ve just set out a pint of Guinness for Santa alongside a mince pie.  Tomorrow you will have a feast surrounded by friends and […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Allahabadi Cake
    by e_xander on February 25, 2023

    Now all of us know the significance of plum cakes around Christmas. Making Plum cakes is an English tradition of ringing in the Holiday, and a rather elaborate […]

  • Season’s Eatings – King Cake
    by e_xander on January 25, 2023

    Where there’s a party, there’s usually cake.  This colourful cake is consumed on Old Christmas day and is connected to the three visitors to a certain […]

  • Season’s Eatings – 70s Christmas Foods
    by e_xander on December 25, 2022

    Merry Christmas everyone.  I’m a child of the 70s and I wanted to explore some of the foods I enjoyed growing up in the 1970s plus some great music.  Thank […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Christmas Goose
    by e_xander on December 21, 2022

    It’s the big day and you’re wondering what to serve the family.  This main dish is popular because of a certain saint, but maybe not the one you’re […]

  • Season’s Eatings Side Dish – Hot Chocolate
    by e_xander on December 10, 2022

    Nothing warms you up faster than this wonderful combination of cocoa and milk steamed to perfection.  This drink has its origins in the hotter climates so you […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Sugar Cookies
    by e_xander on November 25, 2022

    Every year leading up to Christmas magazines are luring you into buying them with pictures of decadent, colorful, baking delights. The holidays are filled with […]

  • Season’s Eatings Side Dish – Hot Toddy
    by e_xander on November 10, 2022

    The holidays, for most of us in the Northern hemisphere, are filled with cold evenings, frosted window panes, and many get togethers. So, it’s not hard to […]

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