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Glen Warren, a Baker by trade and a foodie extraordinaire, hosts this Christmas podcast that is all about foods.

He gives us not only the history behind the foods of the season but also great ideas for recipes and sources.

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  • Season’s Eatings – Kransekake
    by e_xander on March 24, 2024

    This towering dessert almost resembles a children’s stacking toy and sometimes there’s a prize hidden inside.  Made with just a few ingredients, it can be […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Ribbon Candy
    by e_xander on February 26, 2024

    This sweet treat can be found in the candy dishes of many grandma’s homes. Its origin has been lost to history but the mechanism used for this candy was […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Sand Tarts
    by e_xander on January 25, 2024

    During the holiday season hundreds of these treats are made, sometimes by just one household.  Their name can be a bit confusing when first heard.  They have […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Weird Newfoundland
    by e_xander on December 25, 2023

    Merry Christmas!  This is a bonus episode to thank you all for listening.  Here are a few weird Newfoundland traditions from the past that happened around […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Feast of the Seven Fishes
    by e_xander on December 21, 2023

    It’s the Christmas eve tradition that may not be true to its name.  Friends and family gather together on Christmas eve in Italian households to have this […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Ginger
    by e_xander on December 10, 2023

    It’s the spice which is the main ingredient in countless breads and cookies.  It has travelled the world, starting in Asia, through to Europe, and over to […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Pork Hock Stew
    by e_xander on November 25, 2023

    While it may not be to everyone’s taste this holiday food is a combination two different types of meat. It is served in a rich dark gravy and is a comfort […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Cloves
    by e_xander on November 10, 2023

    While “the holidays” is not technically a scent, but we all know exactly what the phrase “smells like the holidays” means. Catching a whiff of those […]

  • Food of “A Christmas Carol”
    by e_xander on November 1, 2023

    One can’t go through the holiday season without hearing, seeing, or listening to a version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” It is often held up […]

  • Season’s Eatings – Sakotis
    by e_xander on October 25, 2023

    This family of cakes can be found all over Europe and are produced quite unlike the more traditional way of baking in a pan.  It can be smooth or spiked and […]

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