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The tables turn slightly as a new week of the podcast kicks off! The hosts have their significant others pick which Christmas episodes to watch, starting with “Christmas” from the first season of the show Divorce (available to stream on HBOMAX) selected by Brian’s wife. Come and see how a show with two lead actors each with three names navigates the tricky waters of celebrating the holidays while trying to hide a split.

Other topics discussed in this episode include: Monday the 13th vs. Friday the 13th, determining the most sinful day of the week, Christmas fishing destinations, obnoxious Christmas gifts, anthrax, Upstate New York, wasting food, infidelity, and Brian correcting Chris for a change.

IMDB entry for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4695166/.

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Author: Second Floor Productions
Title: S3 Ep. 10: Divorce – Christmas
Yuletide TV Podcast

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