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The boys crack open some cold ones to close out season 3. Chris shares his personal favorite pick of “The Constant” from the fourth season of Lost (available on Hulu). Chris does his best to make his case for this episode belonging in the Christmas TV canon, but has a hard time getting his cohosts on his side.

Other topics discussed in this episode are few and far between as the boys spend a surprising amount of time focused on actually discussing the episode and show. However they make a few detours to debate the least Christmas time of the year, Jon getting ejected from a truck while trying to poach a deer, and other shows that tried and failed to copy the Lost formula.

Wikipedia entry for this episode: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Constant.

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Author: Second Floor Productions
Title: S3 Ep. 15 – Lost: The Constant
Yuletide TV Podcast

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