Hey everyone! Today we talk all about Superheroes at Christmas. From live action movies & TV shows to comic books I dive in to celebrate the heroes we love to watch & read at Christmastime. This is a very special episode to celebrate my late sister Steffany, who sadly passed away November 17, 2005 at age 17. I think we all have loved ones who we miss during the holidays and I have been wanting to do something special for my sister. Being the anniversary of the day she passed, I thought this would be a great way to celebrate her life and her super powers! Please send me your thoughts, feedback, memories of your lost loved ones, anything you’d like to share, send it my way!

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The Christmas Song/Heaven/Slow 3/4 Song by Peter Evans, Tom Blancarte, and Brandon Seabrook – CC by 3.0
Santa Claws is Coming by Ergo Phizmiz – CC by 3.0
holiday by Dee Yan-Key – CC by 3.0

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Season 3: Steffany’s Special Episode

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