Welcome back Christmas Cousins for an experimental cinematic Hallmark journey!


Prepare for an intriguing holiday twist in our latest episode! In this installment, Cousin Seth dives headfirst into his sixth Hallmark movie experience, but here’s the twist – he’s experiencing it blindfolded!

Dear Christmas Cousins, get ready for a unique cinematic adventure that’s akin to an audiobook for your Christmas-loving hearts. Cousin Chad takes the lead, painting vivid scenes from the Hallmark Channel Classic, “Small Town Christmas,” while Seth navigates the story solely through these colorful narrations.

In a dramatic finale, Seth must channel his inner Roman Emperor and give the movie a resounding Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down. But the question remains: will he watch it for real after this adventurous audio journey?”

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Seth’s Sixth Sensation: Hallmark’s Small Town Christmas Blind Date

Christmas Cousins

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