Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Introducing the Christmas Podcasts Podcast

Christmas Podcasts PodcastStarting something new is always exciting. Especially when that something new is in Christmas.

We are, of course, all about Christmas Podcasts. How can we possibly speak to our subject if we don’t have a little podcast of our own?

So that is where we begin — with a tiny little podcast episode that talks about our podcasts to come.

In this introduction you get to meet Sean, our host. He’s the main dude here at ChristmasPodcasts.com. It’s his baby.

You see, Sean is what we call a Christmas super-fan. He just loves everything Christmas — especially podcasts.

What Sean wants to do is to get personal with as many podcasts as he can. He will interview Christmas podcast creators and get inside their heads. He will talk to them about what they share. He will share his ideas on their topics and bring us the newest voices out there in Christmas podcasting.

Sean won’t shy away from the pioneering voices in Christmas podcasting either. Some have been around a decade or longer. In fact, Sean plans to cover every Christmas podcast that can be found. Take a listen to his plans via the player below.

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