Welcome back, Christmas Cousins! After our brief summer hiatus, we’re thrilled to be back (Cousin Chad is ecstatic, while Cousin Seth insists a proper hiatus should involve months in the Alps or French Riviera, but I digress). This episode is your perfect cure for summertime blues and a cool treat amidst this sweltering heat.

Join us as we update you on how the Christmas Cousins spent their hiatus and how our summer adventures have been going. We’ll also read some listener reviews and feedback, giving a shout-out to our amazing community. Of course, we’ll get the highly anticipated update on Seth’s love life, which promises to be as intriguing as ever.

Plus, we’ll discuss our upcoming shows and plans for the rest of the summer as we gear up for the fall and holiday season. So grab your iced cocoa, settle in, and let’s beat the heat together with some festive cheer!

How did you spend your summer, and what festive plans do you have as we transition into the holiday season? Share your stories and plans with us, and we might feature them in an upcoming episode!

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Title: The Christmas Cousins’ Summer Catch-Up!!!
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