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In this festive episode of the Christmas Cousins podcast, our journey was set to explore the top US Christmas destinations as selected by Cousins Chad and Seth. However, the spirit of the season had a little surprise in store for us, courtesy of Cousin Seth’s unique interpretation of the assignment.


While Chad was deep in the discussion of Stowe, Leavenworth, and Vail – quintessential American winter wonderlands – Cousin Seth’s imagination ventured far beyond US borders, transcending the boundaries of our podcast studio. His list took us on an international Christmas adventure filled with remarkable destinations that defied our expectations.

Cousin Seth transported us to a world of global Yuletide magic. Whether you’re intrigued by the Northern Lights in Lapland or the traditions of London’s festive season, Seth’s selections are bound to ignite your wanderlust.


So, join us on this whimsical journey, guided by Seth’s unconventional yet utterly delightful approach to holiday destination choices. This episode promises laughter, curiosity, and a new perspective on celebrating Christmas worldwide.


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Top Christmas Getaways: Seth’s Global Extravaganza vs. Chad’s Winter Wonderland

Christmas Cousins

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