Welcome back, Christmas Cousins, to another Weekend Kick-Off Party! This time, we’re donning our lederhosen and raising our beer steins high for an Oktoberfest celebration.


While Munich’s official Oktoberfest might have ended, our festive spirit is still going strong.


In this episode, we’ll delve into a quick history of Oktoberfest and then jump right into the fun stuff. We’ve got unique Oktoberfest traditions to share, one that involves feats of strength and balance – trust us, it’s entertaining.


But the main event is our Oktoberfest-style beer tasting. We’ll be trying out various brews and using our exclusive 1-5 Beer Stein rating system. Join us as we sip, savor, and maybe spill a little, all in the name of finding the ultimate Oktoberfest beer. It’s a pint-filled party you won’t want to miss. Prost! 🎉🍻✨


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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod
Title: Weekend Kick-off Party: Oktoberfest, History, Traditions…and mainly Beer Tasting
Christmas Cousins

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