Welcome to another Weekend Kickoff Party Christmas Cousins!


Join us for another weekend kickoff party with your favorite festive foursome: Cousin Chad, Cousin Seth, and special guests Cousin Joe, the Christmas Aficionado, and Cousin Bob, co-host of Festive Foreign Film Fans!


In this lively episode, we embark on a daring mission to taste and review three winter-style beers, handpicked by each of us.


Expect the unexpected as our taste buds navigate through a whirlwind of flavors, with laughter, banter, and
and maybe even a few beer-induced confessions.


So grab your favorite cold beverage (responsibly, of course), settle in, and get ready for a fun-filled ride with the Christmas Cousins crew!

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod
Title: Winter Brews and Weekend Shenanigans: A Christmas Cousins Kickoff Party
Christmas Cousins

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