It’s a new episode, a new year, and an exciting new country for the Festive Fans!  For the start of 2024, we travel to Iceland — a country with dramatic landscapes full of giant glaciers and fiery volcanos.  Such extreme contrasts also underscore the movie Echo.  This intimate film is equally humorous and heart-breaking.  It is a probe of contemporary Iceland at the holidays, with 56 separate scenes highlighting the minutiae, quirks and idiosyncrasies of daily life.  Once you get past expectations of a fluid storyline, Echo has a real-life poignancy with its authentic detail, nuanced emotion, and universal themes.  This movie leaves a lasting impression through its small and quiet moments. Plus, we also explore the magical Yuletide customs of this land, with its dark winter nights lit by the celestial Northern lights.  So get cozy, lick a spoon, put on your new duds, and put aside your book for our love letter to an Icelandic Christmas!

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Author: Bob & Mark
Title: Episode 15: Echo (Iceland) … and Happy New Year!

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