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Happy Thursday, Christmas fanatics! Welcome to the forty-first official installment of “Another Christmas Story”!

This week’s chapter, Chapter Forty, entitled “Silent Night”, will be read to you by Sarah Houston – the incredibly amazing wife of our very own Anthony Caruso! (Behind every strong man is a better and stronger woman, and this marriage is proof!) We hope you like it! If you do, make sure to share this episode and our website, upon which the text of this installment is posted, to get it in front of as many ears and eyes as possible! In addition, make sure to listen to the entire episode to hear us launch a new contest and find out how you can win a brand new, 2021 Hallmark “Stocking Stuffers Special Edition Keepsake Ornament”!

Coming up on the show this upcoming Monday, November 8th, we will be covering Season 2, Episode 4 of “Ted Lasso” entitled “Carol of the Bells” with guest, C.J. Bélanger! And later that same night, we will be recording our episode on the brand new, 2021 Hallmark Original Christmas Movie, “Next Stop, Christmas“, which will drop in your feeds on Monday, November 15th!

Before that, however, on Thursday, November 11th, you’ll get to hear Chapter Forty-One of “Another Christmas Story” entitled “Christmas in Hollis”, which listener Danielle Essary will be reading to y’all! So, keep your eyes on your podcast feeds because there’s lots of great stuff coming up!

Enjoy, y’all! 🎅🏻🎄🎁 🦌🦉⛄️🚂🔔 🤶🏻 🎀 ❄️

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Author: Tis the Podcast
Title: ”Another Christmas Story” – Chapter Forty – Silent Night – As Read By Sarah Houston

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