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The boys are back to tackle their first assignment that’s too big to be contained within one episode. To celebrate Christmas in July, they’re watching all of Dash & Lily, covering episode 1-4 in June and then the second half of the series in July. This 2020 Netflix streamer catches them by surprise but does the first half of the series have enough holiday spirit to carry them through until July? The only way to find out is to listen in!

Non-Christmas topics discussed in this episode include: Mare of Easttown, Jupiter’s Legacy’s budget, the heat, New York City being a character again, Joni Mitchell, great side characters, YA stuff, backtracking, Law & Order: SVU, and web privacy.

Wikipedia entry for Dash & Lily: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dash_%26_Lily.

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Bonus Ep. 17 – Dash & Lily (Christmas in July Special, Part 1)

Yuletide TV Podcast

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