Hold onto your grocery lists, Christmas Cousins, because we’ve got breaking news in the world of seasonal snacking! In this episode, Seth’s embarking on his Fall Feast Initiation at Trader Joe’s, where they’ve just dropped a cornucopia of pumpkin-flavored goodies and autumn treats. Join us as we navigate the pumpkin-spiced aisles, unearthing the quirkiest and most delectable fall-themed items. From pumpkin pasta to haunted gingerbread houses, we’re dishing out the laughs and taste-testing our way through this festive food frenzy. Whether you’re a Trader Joe’s fanatic or just enjoy some culinary comedy, this episode is seasoned with all the fall flavors you crave. And soon..we’ll be tasting and reviewing. Tune in and snack along with us!

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Breaking News: Seth’s Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pilgrimage!

Christmas Cousins

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