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Christmas has marked the passage of history by embedding history into its celebrations. When we talk of history and Christmas together we can sometimes immediately recognize a certain time or event in history that was significant.

For example, when we say “Christmas 1914”, most immediately think of the Christmas Truce. If we say “Christmas 1776” we think of Washington Crossing the Delaware. If we say “Aspenglow” we think of Christmas of 1970.

Ok, so maybe not always.

But we know Christmas 2020 is one of those years. And while most of us would like to forget 2020 we now have on record a library of COVID Christmas music that will never allow us to forget it.

Honestly, we’re talking serious feels here.

I can think of nothing during my lifetime that has brought forth so much diversity in music, crass creation, and Christmas bitterness. It’s an international thing, too (the British humor in these videos is beyond classic). Every genre of music is covered. There are few classic songs of Christmas that haven’t been thoroughly skewered here.

In fact, it makes you think that maybe you haven’t taken all this serious enough. It seems like anyone with a keyboard or a guitar at home — along with some abundant time on their hands – just had to get out their feelings in a burst of sarcasm, sorrow, and honest humor. Some of this is so bad, it’s good — because, well, 2020.

Here are some of the best (or worst) songs of the Covid Christmas:

You know what the sad part of this is?

Our little list here doesn’t even scratch the surface.

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