Christmas Podding

We’re back April 11 with a Brand New Podding for 2022.

Liam and Ness are still talking all things Christmas.

So we are counting down with 9 days of Christmas Leftovers. Never before heard topics, your favourite segments re-recorded with new opinions and chit chat from Liam and Ness’s live radio show you would never have heard.

Today we ask :

We uncover what you can do that will instantly upset your hosts on Christmas Day?

The top tips on how to successfully re-give unwanted gifts and

We argue the case as to why Home Alone ISN’T the best Christmas movie of all time, but a close second ?

Join us for Episode 1, Season 5 April 11 on the worlds 3rd best Christmas Podcast, Christmas Podding with Liam and Ness.

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Author: Liam Renton

Christmas Podding Leftovers- What’s the rudest thing you can do Christmas Day that will really upset your Hosts?

Christmas Podding

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