In this merry musical episode, we welcome back the jolly co-host of the Christmas Morning Podcast and Tinsel Tunes Podcast, Scot!


It’s Scott’s third appearance on the show, and he’s here to guide our festive freshman, Cousin Seth, through the perplexing world of Christmas songsto AVOID. Yes, you heard that right.


We’re diving deep into the treacherous waters of Yuletide music, but this time, we’re avoiding the earworms, the cringe-worthy classics, and the cheesy or maudlin carols that make you want to cover your ears.


Scott, our resident holiday music expert, is on hand to share his wisdom and help us steer clear of the seasonal songs that should come with a “listen at your own risk” label.


From musical turkeys to overplayed duds, we’ve compiled the ultimate playlist of what NOT to listen to this Christmas.


So, plug in your earbuds, join the fun, and get ready to celebrate the holidays with some side-splitting song critiques. Your ears will thank you! 🎶🚫

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod
Title: Christmas Songs to AVOID: Scott from Christmas Morning Guides Cousin Seth On a Musical Adventure!
Christmas Cousins

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