What’s up, dudes? I’ve got some old friends from the DPG here to reminisce all about the blood-soaked mythological arcade game Mortal Kombat on its 30th anniversary! We remember lining up at the arcades, waiting to help the chosen one Liu Kang defeat Shang Tsung and his emperor! Oh yeah, he’s gonna turn into a dragon to do it, too! Don’t forget the awesomeness that was Mortal Monday! Do heads get ripped off? Yep.  Are there buckets of blood? Of course! Does someone shout, “Toasty?” Well, grab your kunai, put on your ninja gear, and take a portal to the Outworld to listen to this episode to find out!

Listen to this episode of Totally Rad Christmas
Author: Gerry D / John Olague, Moses Flores
Title: Mortal Kombat (w/ John and Moses)

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