It is Week 5 already Christmas Cousins!

Brace yourselves for another jolly rendezvous as the Christmas Cousins dive into the sparkling sea of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas Week 5!

In this merry episode, our festive freshman, Seth, embarks on his fifth week of yuletide movie magic, with four new festive flicks lined up from Thursday to Sunday.

Join the cousins as they preview, ponder, and play the ultimate guessing game: which movies will make the coveted watchlist, and which will be wrapped up as ‘no’s?

Cousin Chad, the seasoned holiday movie maestro, and Cousin Seth, our eager festive freshman, unravel the synopses, sharing their predictions, preferences, and perhaps a surprise or two.

Will Week 5 deliver the Yuletide gems they’ve been dreaming of, or will it be a tinsel-tangled tumble? Tune in for a festive flick frenzy that’s bound to add a dash of merriment to your holiday watchlist!

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod
Title: Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas Week 5: Cousin Seth breaks the dozen movie barrier!
Christmas Cousins

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