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Friends of Christmas Podcasts
In The Words Of The Immortal Saint, Frosty The Snowman, "God Bless Us, Everyone".

Happy Monday, Christmas fanatics! We hope you had an incredible Easter weekend and the Easter Bunny was good to you all! This week, the elves gather to discuss the two Christmas episodes of the hit 80’s show, “ALF”! For those of you who want to watch along at home, the episodes discussed are:

  • Season 1, Episode 12 – Oh, Tannerbaum
  • Season 2, Episodes 11 and 12 – ALF’s Special Christmas

When it comes to the infamous Season 2 holiday special in particular, the elves take a pretty deep, extensive dive into the history of this baffling episode, which left all three quite depressed and confused, and allows Julia to go on a disappointed rant for the first time in a long time. While there’s plenty of love and nostalgia for “ALF” the show and ALF the character – especially on the parts of Thom and Anthony – is it enough to rank both of these episodes high? Or does the true story that inspired the second episode, in addition to its overly saccharine and contrived nature, bog it down?

Also discussed in this episode: the elves talk about the results of the Round 1 voting for the Tis the Podcast March Madness bracket to determine the Ultimate Christmas movie; the trailer for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad; Anthony teases the newest tattoo he’s getting; listener answers to the Question of the Week are read; and much, much, much more.

So settle in and relax with your leftover Easter Chocolate, open those windows and allow that cool Spring breeze inside, allow the elves to take you back in time to the 80’s on a trip to Melmac, and enjoy this fun episode! And get excited because, now that we are post-Easter, we are one major holiday closer to Christmas!

Also – make sure to keep your eyes on your podcast feeds this upcoming Thursday for the next chapter (Chapter Ten!) of Another Christmas Story as read to you by our very own Anthony Caruso!

*Note: The deep dive article into “ALF’s Special Christmas” that the elves repeatedly refer to in this episode can be found at the following link.*

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In The Words Of The Immortal Saint, Frosty The Snowman, “God Bless Us, Everyone”.

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