It’s our 1 year anniversary… and to celebrate, I baked each and every listener a chocolate turtle brownie… but then I ate them all.

To celebrate today, I’ve got some special things in the episode including:

A brand new Christmas story called The City of Limes by Jamie Kleman, then I talk to the author in an interview. After that Gracie and I chat about mince pies, brownies, and bears… oh my! If you’d like to watch my conversation with Gracie and her bears, check out our youtube channel – the video will be up in a few days!


00:00 Introduction

02:28 Story: The City of Limes

29:38 Interview with Jamie Kleman

01:11:30 Gracie and Her Christmas Bears

Jamie Kleman’s Website:

The City of Limes Story:

Life Changing Chocolate Turtle Brownies recipe: (be sure to add some extra caramel!)

Help Support the show:

My etsy store is back with some Scrooge ornaments, and I’ll be adding some different ornaments and things throughout the weeks/months ahead.


Deck the Halls  by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



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Author: ArtK
Title: Mince Pies, Brownies, and Bears… Oh My! with Special Guest Jamie Kleman

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