What’s up, dudes? I’m here with the most magical guest I’ve ever interviewed: Rad Santa! That’s right! It’s the Santa from Earth-80S in the multiverse, where it’s always the ’80s! He told me all about his robotic eye, his solar shades, his keytar, and his sleigh! And then, he let me know which of us Christmas podcasters are naughty and which were nice! Great news: even the naughty ones are now on the nice list! Plus, we have a special Christmas in July mega Gag Me with a Spoon! Listeners, All-Stars, and friends of the show all contributed for an extra special segment! So grab your Hawaiian shirt, grab a fruity cocktail, and swing in your hammock to this episode!

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Author: Gerry D / Rad Santa
Title: Conversation with Rad Santa for Christmas in July

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