S4E5 – A Twisted Podcast

Reviews: How I Met Your Mother – How Lily Stole Christmas (2006); Twisted Sister – A Twisted Christmas (2006)

Something Fun: Name That Tune


Our compilation of songs about Christmas movies – https://radiantradish.bandcamp.com/album/its-not-going-in-our-yard

Vista Blue’s 2022 Christmas release – https://wearevistablue.bandcamp.com/album/we-practiced-all-year-long

Purple Christmas Trees – https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2022/11/25/purple-christmas-trees-upstate-new-york/10771472002/

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Author: snowinsouthtown@gmail.com (Snow in Southtown Podcast)
Title: S4E5 – A Twisted Podcast
Snow in Southtown

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