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Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas Fanatics! Can you believe it’s Turkey day already? We certainly can’t! This year is flying by! But, we didn’t want to let this oft-overlooked holiday pass without expressing our gratitude to each and every one of you for all of the love and support you show our little show all year ’round!

As such, we present to you this special bonus episode in which Julia, Thom, and Anthony discuss the cult-classic, “Thankskilling“! Listen as the elves break down one of the worst, the cheapest, and most baffling movies they’ve covered since “Tis the Podcast” began! Is this a case of a film being “so bad it’s good”? Or is there nothing redeemable about this story of teenage stereotypes being hunted down by a bad muppet of a Turkey named Turkie? You’ll just have to tune in to find out! Because despite the subject matter, this is one hysterical episode you want to make sure not to miss!

So, tonight, after you’ve eaten more than your fair share of Thanksgiving dinner, put your feet up, unbutton those trousers, and enjoy this fun episode!

And, once again, Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! We hope your holiday was filled with love, happiness, gratitude, family, friends, food, drinks, parades, football, “Friends” episodes, and “Peanuts” holiday specials!

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Author: Tis the Podcast
Title: Turkeyologists All Over The World Know It As… Thankskilling! (Thankskilling)
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