What’s up, dudes? It’s all about WWF Prime Time Wrestling Christmas 1986, battle royale style with Jeremy Phelps the Alamo City Santa,  CM Chuck from Just Another Friday Night, Joe from Now Watch This, Manny from Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad, and CJ from Christmas Sessions! We talk Bobby the Brain and Gorilla! We dive into Hogan and Savage! We body slam Junkyard Dog and Harley Race! This episode has it all!

Airing December 23, 1986, the matches begin with Jimmy Jack Funk taking on Blackjack Mulligan, who defeats Funk with little effort. Iron Mike Sharpe batted Special Delivery Jones—no, not S.D. Kluger from “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town! Jones takes Sharpe with an atomic drop. “What a Christmas present for S.D. Jones!”

Meanwhile Bobby and Gorilla argue about presents. Means Gene spoke with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Jesse Ventura interviewed Andre the Giant. Harley Race defeated Pedro Morales and retained his crown. Subsequently, Dick The Rebel Slater stuns Steve Lombardi with a suplex. As well, Dino Bravo beat Corporal Kirchner.

Junkyard Dog rammed Adrian Adonis into a turnbuckle to get out of a sleeper. Both men are tossed out of the ring, but JD gets back in before the count and wins! Finally, World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan collided with the monstrous Hercules Hernandez. Hogan, seemingly in trouble, comes back off the ropes with a leg drop to pin and win!

Stuffed gorilla gifts? Yep. Gold phone presents? Uh huh. Blackjack Mulligan’s wagon of fertilizer?!?! What?!?? So grab your belt, get on the ropes, and backflip to this episode on Prime Time Wrestling Christmas 1986!

Just Another Friday Night
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Now Watch This
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Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad
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Author: Gerry D / Jeremy, CJ, Manny, Joe, CM Chuck
Title: ‘80s Wrestling pt3 (w/ The Wrestling Bros)

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