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Friends of Christmas Podcasts
Episode 26 - Fonzie's Christmas Carol

After the fiasco of last episode things can only get better.
Well rest assured they do (by a very small amount).

This episode we look at the British dessert of trifle.  If you’ve never had trifle you are seriously missing out.  Since its heyday of the 1970s the popularity of trifle has waned somewhat, but don’t let that stop you.

We have 2 stories from listeners, a wonderful story about elfing from Ali and a very funny story of shame from our American Scandinavian correspondent Benji.

Then we look at An American Christmas Carol, with none other than Arthur Fonzarelli (or Henry Winkler) as Scrooge…    sorry as Benedict Slade who is Scrooge by another name.
It’s a decent version and you can watch it here:

We have another book review (the 2nd one in a whole year, so don’t tell me I’m not cultured).  It’s the delightful Family Trees by Aurelio O’Brien and it is highly recommended.
If you want to grab a copy, here’s a link:

This episode’s recommendation is Superstore.  It’s a great sitcom set in a big box store in St Louis and it stars America Ferrera from Ugly Betty.  It’s a lovely show and very funny.  I’ve been binging it on Netflix.

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Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack

Episode 26 – Fonzie’s Christmas Carol

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