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Well blow me down if it isn’t a brand spanking new episode of The TCP.
Well, it is if you’re listening to it when it’s just come up out, if not then it’s an old episode.  I don’t know when you’re listening, but I hope you enjoy this rubbish.

Thanks to Benji Pearson we find out that the story of Babushka from the last episode is actually just a rip off of the story of La Befana, the old lady who delivers presents to all the good children of Italy.  Here’s a clip of Orson Welles telling the legend:

Next up we look at the Christmas Not So Classic Have A Cheeky Christmas by the Cheeky Girls.  It’s not awful, but it’s not good either.
Actually, it is awful, plus they traumatise a reindeer in the video (I’m not kidding watch the video):

This episode’s Joke is once again provided by Benji Pearson?  Was I misguided in given him a chance to return.   Only you can decide…

Then it’s Ebenezer Sanford an episode of the 70s sitcom Sanford & Son.
It’s okay.  If you want to watch it, here’s a link:

This week’s recommendation is Behind The Bells.  It’s a podcast hosted by Robert Nicholas that looks at the making of classic Christmas movies.  From inception to script, casting and production.  Have a listen, you might learn something:

I also appeared on an episode of Jingle Jank where Scott and Jay battle it out to find out who sang it better.  I got to judge the competition and my ruling was just and fair:

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Merry Christmas.

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Author: Jack

Episode 33 – Ebenezer Sanford & Son

Total Christmas

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