Total Christmas

Hooray, it’s another episode of this stuff.

First up we look at 2 of our listeners’ Top Ten Christmas Movie Lists.  First up is Benji Pearson and then it’s Scott Newman, where will they appear on the chart?

Then we look at one of the worst versions of A Christmas Carol that has ever been conceived.
It is abysmal and a travesty and a blight on humanity.
Want to watch it?
Why?  I’ve just told you how bad it is.
Well here’s a link then:

Then it’s our highly anticipated Christmas Movie Quiz, this time around we focus on remakes, sequels and reboots.
Robert Nicholas from the Behind The Bells Podcast gives us his answers.  If you can beat his score I will be most impressed.
Check out Robert’s podcast here:

Then it’s time for the Yule Log.  Sick of watching some boring log burning on your TV?  Well why not watch Darf Vader burn away for a solid 5 hours.
Here’s a link:

Enjoy the show.

Merry Christmas

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Author: Jack
Title: Episode 37 – The Christmas Movie Quiz Reboot
Total Christmas

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