What’s up, dudes? It’s the Feast of St. NIcholas, and I’m joined by Scott Leopold from Holly Jolly X’masu and Anthony Caruso from ‘Tis the Podcast to discuss the 1985 Spielbergian Amazing Stories episode “Santa ’85”! It’s got all the Santa tropes! Does he get arrested? Yep. Does he give a kid a ride in his sleigh? Check. Does he drop the present the antagonist always wanted as he’s flying away? You betcha! It’s tropey to the max! And there’s rad ’85 computer graphics! So grab your Buck Rogers ray gun, put on your camo, and bust this episode out of the joint!

Holly Jolly X’masu
‘Tis the Podcast

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Author: Gerry D / Scott Leopold, Anthony Caruso

Ep 103 – Santa ’85 (w/ Scott & Anthony)

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