What’s up, dudes? Ashley Dunbar from the Magic of the Season and Charlyn Lewis from Take a Chic Peek and And This Christmas Will Be join me to gab about the greatest doll around! Yep, it’s all about Barbie! There’s so much to discuss that we even have a special guest appearance by Kim Cooper from Planning for Christmas!

In the 1981 Kid Stuff album Christmas, spend a joyous Christmas with Barbie and Ken. It’s a modern musical retelling of The Nutcracker Suite. In Barbie’s dream she is transformed into a beautiful doll under the Christmas Tree. When the toys come alive, Barbie and Ken are swept away in an adventure to the stars. They travel to Hoth…no, Arcticana, where they are trapped by the Snow Queen. Spoilers: they escape! You’ll love the songs, excitement and holiday fun of Christmas with Barbie! The talking story book A Barbie Christmas Party sees Barbie and Ken overcome the odds to host a holiday party! It’s a fantastic, if not frantic, tale with caroling, gift giving, and planning the perfect shindig!

Holiday Barbie? Check. Barbie Christmas records? Uh huh.. A Toy Story-esque nightmare with an inexplicable ice planet? Of course! So grab your holiday gown, hop in your pink convertible, and drive to your dream house with this episode all about Barbie!

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Planning for Christmas
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Author: Gerry D / Ashley Dunbar, Charlyn Lewis, Kim Cooper

Barbie (w/ Ashley, Charlyn & Kim)

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