What’s up, dudes? Christmas Eve in Gotham: uptown, the streets are filled with last-minute shoppers and the cheering jingle of chimes. But here, in the forgotten part of the city, the streets are almost deserted, save for a handful of scavengers and their unfortunate victim—and the very special sort of vengeance which lurks in the sheltering shadows! That vengeance is Santa Ambassador Matt Spaulding from  North Pole Radio and Thom Crowe from ‘Tis the Podcast who join me to talk “Batman Monthly,” a 1988 UK comic from London Editions Magazine which reprinted older Batman stories.

Volume 6 contains two classic Batman stories. In “Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas,” Batman races to rescue a young girl from death by suicide. In his way stands the Blockbuster! In “Silent Night, Deadly Night,” Denny O’Neil tells a tale of redemption when Batman helps a desperate and disgruntled former employee of a toymaker make up for his misdeeds.

With the likes of Len Wein, Denny O’Neil, and Dick Giordano on these stories in “Batman Monthly,” the Batman’s humanity shines through! Christmas tree lot fight? Yup. Attempted strangulation with Christmas lights? Of course. Bruised and beaten Santas? Definitely. So grab your pipe tobacco present, hop in the Batmobile, and drive into this episode!

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Author: Gerry D / Thom Crowe, Matt Spaulding
Title: Batman Monthly (w/ Thom and Matt)

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