What’s up, dudes? What gift does Santa get? That question is answered in this Australian production. Bradley Lyndon from Million Monkey Theater joins me to talk the Louis Corbo book-turned-special “The Adventures of Candy Claus!”

A family decides to gift Santa two dolls from the children around the world. As Santa flies back the North Pole, the aerokinetic misanthrope Ohno opens the present and steals one of the dolls. As Santa wakes from his post-delivery nap, he finds the gift and his love brings the girl doll to life. The Clauses adopt Candy and she adjusts to her new life in Santa Town. Ohno, jealous that his own doll is not yet completely alive due to lack of love, sabotages all Candy’s endeavors. Despite being guided by the robotic Shad-O,  she tries to run away  due to her perceived clumsiness and uselessness. Santa rescues her, and Prof. Mustknow gives her a time travel bracelet so she can find her lost brother.

Council of elves? Check. Jimmy Stewart-sounding wisened, aged character? Uh huh. Marvel comics villain Whirlwind with a mustache? Well… So grab your time bangle, watch home videos, and take a sleigh into this episode all about Candy Claus!

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Author: Gerry D / Bradley Lyndon
Title: The Adventures of Candy Claus (w/ Bradley Lyndon)

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