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Christmas EveWhich is bigger for you? Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

In this merry little episode we take a longer look at Christmas Eve and why it is what it is. Why do we celebrate the night before in a bigger way, in many cases, than the day of Christmas? For some, there is no bigger day of the year than December 24th. What is the magic of those hours — especially at night?

In reality and in fiction when it comes to Christmas it is Christmas Eve that is bigger. Every Christmas people hang their stockings, sing of Jesus, gather families, eat special foods and celebrate Christmas — all in the hours before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Why do we do that?

Christmas Eve is where the real blending of Christianty and Paganism comes together. There’s magic in the darkness. And there has been for thousands of years.

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Author: Merry Podcaster
Title: Christmas Eve

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