Christmas Podding

This week on Christmas Podding we discuss the fact that none of us seem to be  getting our work and Christmas holiday commitments  balance right. We uncover how to stress less, work less and celebrate more this Festive Season.

We’ve all heard of a Bridezilla who makes weddings all about them and a misery for everyone else, but have you heard of the Festive Feral, the Christmas equivalent. What toxic traits do these people display that could derail your festive fun, what to look for and how to combat them. Plus

Will your Christmas Party this year have a theme? We think it should and run you through some of the best Christmas Party Themes you just MUST try this year.

All coming up on Australia’s ONLY Christmas Podcast, Christmas Podding with Liam and Ness.

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Author: Liam Renton

Christmas Podding- We’ve heard of the Bridezilla, we introduce you to the Christmas equivalent, The Festive Feral.

Christmas Podding

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