What’s up, dudes? I’ve got Jeff C. Smith with me to talk about the dynamic stroke of comedy genius that is 1985’s “Clue!” Jeff is the writer/director/producer of “Who Done It: The Clue Documentary,” and he shared some cool stuff! But waitasec, Gerry! I love the film, but it isn’t a Christmas movie! Well, it was a Christmas season release, premiering in December of ’85!

When six strangers are invited to a mysterious mansion for dinner, murder is on the menu. Mr. Boddy, the host, is blackmailing all of them, from the jealous wife to the adulterous doctor to the maid’s employer. One by one others arrive at the house only to be picked off as they’re implicated as blackmail accomplices. With three different endings, the movie answers the questions of who killed Mr. Boddy, and where, and with what.

“Who Done It: The Clue Documentary” is all about the making of the cult classic. Jeff interviews cast and crew from Leslie Ann Warren and Michael McKean to director Jonathan Lynn. What was the enigmatic fourth ending? How did Jonathan Lynn end up writing the script? Why weren’t the characters wearing the colors of their game counterparts?

Blackmail? Yep. Murder? Of course. Flames on the side of my face? Only if Madeline Kahn is saying it. So grab your revolver, shoot the singing telegram, and run from room to room listening to this episode!

Clue: The Movie Podcast
Who Done It: The Clue Documentary

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Author: Gerry D / Jeff Smith
Title: Clue and Who Done It: The Clue Documentary (w/ Jeff C. Smith)

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