What’s up, dudes? One of the greatest duos in music, it’s Daryl Hall and John Oates! Well, in 1983 they released a Christmas single. Ken Kessler from Sounds of Christmas joins me to talk all about their version of “Jingle Bell Rock!”

Daryl Hall and John Oates, commonly referred to as Hall & Oates, were an American pop rock duo who ruled the airwaves in the ’80s. By the fall of 1983, they were one of the biggest music acts in the United States. They had five Number 1 singles to their credit, two consecutive Top 10 albums, and were one of the biggest names on MTV! They released their cover of Bobby Helms’s 1957 classic “Jingle Bell Rock” in time for Christmas, and MTV played the heck out of the video. The duo recorded two versions: one with Hall singing lead and one with Oates singing lead. Likewise, there were two versions of the video. The video is known for its campy, over the top gestures and costumes, including guitarist G.E. Smith as grandma!

Lime green pants? Check. Deranged Santa? Uh huh. Party patrons bopping up and down to the music? Definitely! So grab your sweater, bring your gift, and head down to the party with this episode!

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Author: Gerry D / Ken Kessler

Hall & Oates “Jingle Bell Rock” (w/ Ken Kessler)

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