What’s up, dudes? She’s the anthropomorphic cat that adorned all our stationary! That’s right! We’re talking a Hello Kitty Christmas! Ashley Dunbar from The Magic of the Season is with me to dive into the Grinch rip-off episode of “Hello Kitty’s Furry Take Theater!”

It’s Christmas time, and Scroogenip (Scrinchnip?) is aghast at all the yuletide cheer. Determined to avoid the season and cause chaos, she steals the town’s decorations. After Kitty and friends decorate the enormous tree for town square, Scroogenip swipes that too—and everyone else’s trees too! The town seems unphased, so she ups the ante by dressing as Santa Paws and taking all the presents! Realizing that the best part of Christmas is giving, Hello Kitty and gang go caroling and handing out presents. They give a Christmas cookie to Scroogenip/Scrinchnip and it melts her icy heart. She immediately returns the gifts and decorations, Grinch-style.

The Grinch? Yep, played by Catnip. Cindy Lou Who? Uh huh, performed by My Melody. Santa? Well, it’s none other than Grinder. So grab your Santa costume, climb up on the roof, and slide down the chimney to this Hello Kitty Christmas episode!

The Magic of the Season
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Author: Gerry D / Ashley Dunbar, Kristin Seering
Title: Hello Kitty (w/ Ashley Dunbar)

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