What’s up, dudes? Matt Spaulding from North Pole Radio and Vinnie Brezinsky from Huey and Bax join me to talk all about the game show “Hollywood Squares!” It’s a full size tic tac toe with celebrities giving zingers and singing songs!

In a 1987 episode, it’s Scott versus Becky with guest panelists Joan Rivers, Jim J. Bullock, Tracey Gold, Alyssa Milano, and Gary Coleman. The secret square contained a trip to Disney World! Talk about a prize! As it turns out, Scott came out with $150 and a bike, and Becky really made out like a bandit with $300, bikes, and that dope trip to Disney! Get it, girl!

The following year in 1988, Tommy and Suzy are contestants. The grid was filled Joan Rivers, Debbie Reynolds, Jim J. Bullock, Tina Yothers, Jason Hervey, and Janice from “The Price is Right!” Debbie Reynolds serenaded us with Rudolph while Tommy raked up the dollars. No one won the secret square, so there was no trip to Hawaii, unfortunately. Tommy wins, but also doesn’t get the car. Talk about super random final challenges!

Celebrities singing? Yep. Matching red “Hollywood Squares” jackets. For sure! Alyssa Milano looking disinterested and bored? Oh yeah! So choose Xs or Os, call on your favorite TV star, and listen to this episode!

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Author: Gerry D / Vinnie Brezinsky, Matt Spaulding
Title: Hollywood Squares (w/ Matt and Vinnie)

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