What’s up, dudes? Scott  from Jingle Jank and Tinsel Tunes is here with me to talk about the two part “Married…with Children” Christmas episode ‘It’s a Bundyful Life!’

In part one, Al tries to finally provide his family with the perfect Christmas through the use of his bank’s Christmas Club. He’s saved up enough to actually get them gifts! Unfortunately, while stuck at work, he arrives at the bank too late! Now penniless and giftless, he tries to scam a few bucks off some shopping mothers by watching their children. Typical Bundy disappointment ensues. Part two sees Al accidentally electrocute himself. His guardian angel Sam Kinison arrives and gives him the “It’s a Wonderful Life” treatment: Al was never born! Seeing his wife happily married to another man and his kids smart and successful reignites his desire to live. How dare they be happy! All’s well that ends well…or at least, that returns to the status quo.

Getting jumped by a group of Santas? Yep. Being tied up by angry moms? For sure. Seeing your drunk neighbor xerox her rear end then throw up in her own mailbox? Definitely! So grab your cough syrup, make some snow cones with real snow, and see an alternate reality with ‘It’s a Bundyful Life!’

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Author: Gerry D / Scott Newman
Title: Married…with Children “It’s A Bundyful Life” (w/ Scott Newman)

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