What’s up, dudes? It’s another bonkers He-Man Christmas tale from the UK comics! This time I’ve got Jeff Loftin from Lost Christmas and Thom Crowe from ‘Tis the Podcast with me to break down the power of Grayskull!

Hordak has cast a spell that freezes men’s hearts, cutting out all hope. Desperate to lift this ice-fear, He-Man and the heroic warriors battle the evil Horde. Unfortunately, the villains escape through a portal leaving Eternia to the desolation.  In a last ditch effort to bring hope to his people, He-Man concocts a plan with Man-At-Arms to deliver presents to all children. The fruits of his labor are seen through the eyes of woodcutter Nik-Las and his daughter Mouse. The sudden appearance of the doll gave Nik-Las hope and Mouse the courage to speak after many silent years. The ice-fear was banished from the realm!

Cage of ice spears? Check. He-Man holding a basketball? Yep. Father Kis-Mus? Well…they tried, didn’t they? So grab the Sword of Power, fill a sack with toys, and stave off the evil Horde with this episode about He-Man Christmas!

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Author: Gerry D / Jeff Loftin, Thom Crowe
Title: Masters of the Universe UK Comics Christmas Issues pt2 (w/ Jeff and Thom)

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