What’s up, dudes? Once again,  I’ve got Christmas Clatter host Todd Killian here to discuss the back door Christmas in May “Newhart” episode ‘The Prodigal Daryl!’ Either the writer really loved Christmas or there was a Christmas episode they hadn’t used and really wanted to!

Joanna decides to take Christmas card pictures early since she and Dick always miss the opportunity during the season. They deck the hall—or inn, rather—with a Christmas tree, garland, wreaths, etc. Their patrons even  get involved and even help trim the tree!

Meanwhile Larry, his brother Daryl, and his other brother Daryl win $30K in a jingle writing contest! When his brother Daryl takes his share of the money and blows it on wanton decadence, Larry asks Dick to help him track him down and bring him back.  As the Loudons are about to take their Christmas card photo, the brother Daryl returns to his family! It’s a Christmas in May miracle!

Yes, this one’s got it all! Popcorn jingle? Check. Beautiful live tree? Yep. Daryl in a track suit? Definitely! So grab $10K, party with Dave Coulier, and take a Christmas card pic with this episode!

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Author: Gerry D / Todd Killian

Newhart “The Prodigal Daryl” (w/ Todd Killian)

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