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ThanksgivingThanksgiving at the North Pole is not like Thanksgiving anywhere else.

In this festive episode of the North Pole Podcast Elves Frank, Crash and Sprinkles discuss the grand feast planned for the entire elf community and the famous North Pole Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade, featuring thousands of elves and their trikes.

New to listeners is Elf Sprinkles Flufflemeyer. But she is know unknown to the thousands of North Pole citizens who love food (which is all of them). Sprinkles talks not only food in this episode but also the elements of elf love that go into everything that has to do with food — even cleaning. It is a fascinating look inside the heart of an elf who loves what she does.

If you love Thanksgiving, you’ll love this merry episode.


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Author: Elf Ernest
Title: North Pole Thanksgiving

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