Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Roundup - January 13th through February 2nd, 2024

Here are the new episodes that dropped the weeks of January 13th through February 2nd.


Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – January 15th“The Charmings ‘Yes, Lillian, There is a Santa Claus’ (w/ Anthony Caruso)”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – January 16th“Yule Logs and Loglines: Hallmark Movie Writer Julie Sherman-Wolfe Joins the Cousins.”

Christmas Morning Podcast – January 17th“49 Weeks / 343 Days Until Christmas! (Instrumental Christmas Song Battle)”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – January 18th“Trader Joe’s Cozy Comfort Winter Haul: Cousin Seth’s South Soothing Soup and More!”

Sounds of Christmas Podcast – January 21st“Happy Anniversary Mannheim Steamroller.”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – January 22nd“The Wizard (w/ Mike and Chad)”

Tis the Podcast – January 22nd“You See, History is Not Simply the Story of the Past. It is an Explanation of the Present. (The Holdovers)”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – January 22nd“Hallmark’s ‘Christmas in Montana’ and Billy Corgan…a Natural Combo!”

Christmas Creeps Podcast – January 23rd“Video Games of 2023 (Part 1)”

Christmas Morning Podcast – January 24th“48 Weeks / 336 Days Until Christmas! (‘¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?’ Song Battle)”

Feliz Christmas Merry Navidad Podcast – January 24th“Happy Belated Everything”

Season’s Eatings Podcast – January 24th“Sand Tarts.”

Festive Foreign Film Fans Podcast – January 25th“Starry, Starry Night (Taiwan)”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – January 25th“A ‘Sethtrospective’: Cousin Seth’s 101st Birthday Spectacular!!”

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast – January 25th“Barbie”

Christmas Morning Podcast – January 25th“January Christmas Party – 11 Months Until Christmas! (Feat. Jacks)”

Christmas Podding Podcast – January 28th“Season 7 Launch. The Quality Streets Christmas Scandal.”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – January 29th“Hall & Oates ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ (w/ Ken Kessler)”

Tis the Podcast – January 29th“Behold, They Shall Call Him Immanuel – God with Us! (Journey to Bethlehem)”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – January 29th“Holly, Jolly, Hallmark & Hollywood w/ Actor, Writer & Singer Kerry Frances.”

TGI Podcast – January 30th“Everybody Loves Raymond: Super Bowl.”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – January 31st“Cousin Seth’s Birthday Bash Recap: 101 and Still Jingling!”

Christmas Morning Podcast – January 31st“47 Weeks / 329 Days Until Christmas (‘Angels We Have Heard on High’ Song Battle)”

Holly Jolly X’Masu Podcast – January 31st“90’s Christmas Singles, Part 1.”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – February 2nd“Minisode: Top 10 Season 4 Episodes and Arvo Part ‘Magnificat.’”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – February 2nd“Valentine’s Gifts & Cousin Seth’s Love Life! A Must Listen!”


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