What’s up, dudes? NES was the greatest thing ever in the ’80s! In fact, it was so great they made a feature film about it! I’ve got Mike Westfall of  Advent Calendar House and Chad Young from Horror Movie BBQ here with me to dive into the 1989 Fred Savage movie “The Wizard!” It was a December release that capitalized on the Christmas season to help sell video games.

Brothers Corey and Jimmy Woods are being separated by their parents’ divorce. Jimmy is a slightly autistic young boy who has had problems and PTSD ever since his twin sister died at a young age. One day, Corey discovers that Jimmy has a natural talent for playing video games, and the two journey to the West Coast to compete in a video-game championship. They want to prove that Jimmy doesn’t belong in an institution.

Along the way, they evade the adults who are trying to take Jimmy away, especially the bounty hunter Putnam. The duo also meet Haley Brooks from Reno, who helps them scam their way to the big Video Armageddon competition. Jimmy makes it to the finals and even manages to defeat local phenom Lucas. Oh, and he finally gets closure by leaving his most treasured possession at a tourist spot special to him and his sister.

Mega Man 2? Yep. Double Dragon? Uh huh. Super Mario Bros. 3?! Only if you don’t use the Power Glove! So grab your lunchbox, hop on your skateboard, and hitch a ride to this episode on “The Wizard!”

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Author: Gerry
Title: The Wizard (w/ Mike and Chad)

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